PINE, Idaho -- The Elk Complex Fire burning near the communities of Pine and Featherville has destroyed 38 homes and dozens of outbuildings.

Much of the damage happened in the Fall Creek area on the western shore of the Anderson Ranch Reservoir. Others were destroyed south of the small community of Pine.

Amaya Odiaga tells us her family cabin in the Pine area was destroyed Sunday night. A neighbor took photos of the Odiaga's home in flames.

On Facebook, Odiaga wrote, This treasured cabin has been in the family for almost 40 years, touched the lives of hundreds of people during its years as the church youth camp for Camas Prairie, my childhood friends, high school friends, college friends, and more plus annual gathering traditions, huge family reunions for family, and many many countless good times loved by my parents' friends and families.

She also posted, The Odiaga cabin in Pine was a very special place, a treasure, a retreat and loved by many. We will all have our cherished memories for years to come and new memories will be made when a new cabin is built.

Victoria Brun was also worried about her family cabin in the Dry Creek area. That cabin did not burn.

I heard it was getting close to our property and I turned on the news and saw the picture was our cabin and the flames were halfway down the mountain behind us, so that's when we started to get really nervous, said Brun.

She said she waited and watched nervously to see if their home survived the flames.

It's hard and it's scary because you know it could happen every year but you kind of just hope it won't, Brun said.

Brun says they lived through the same nightmare last year, and raced to the home to take the items that meant the most.

She says they just put back up their family photos on Memorial Day.

And then it coming this close this year was scary and then we're relieved and happy they were able to save our house, said Brun.

Now, she's one of many hoping for a quick containment and quick end to the dangers the firefighters face.

Just hoping for the best, hoping the best for the firefighters, hoping they are all staying safe and thankful for the hard work they are putting in, said Brun.

Officials tells us the fire is now 25 percent contained.

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