KUNA -- Friends and family of a Kuna woman will be cheering her on Tuesday night when she performs on live TV.

Ashley Heaton is part of the American Military Spouses Choir, competing on NBC's America's Got Talent.


Ashley and her husband, Joshua, both graduated from Kuna High School in 2010.

That same year, Joshua left for boot camp with the Marine Corps.

They now live in North Carolina, where Joshua is stationed.

Ashley tells us he was gone for nine months last year, and during that time she found support through a group of singing sisters.

It's such a sisterhood, I've been through a lot for deployment and health issues and it's more the support we get from each other, I know we can lean on any one of them, said Ashley.

Ashley says she found out about the American Military Spouses Choir through the Family Readiness Program.

She said she started singing at her church in Kuna, then joined the choir at Kuna High School.


Ashley said over the past year that the group has been singing, they've gotten many amazing opportunities.

And now, they're performing live on national TV in front of millions of Americans.

It's kind of nerve racking because it's live so you only have one chance to get it right, said Ashley.

But she says standing and singing next to 35 other women just like her, is comforting.

It's extremely emotional, usually our husbands get the recognition but this has given us a chance to portray how strong they really are, said Ashley.

American Military Spouses Choir was an immediate hit on America's Got Talent, with Ashley as the youngest member.

I'm really excited to represent Idaho and especially Kuna, such a little town, said Ashley.

She admits it's nerve-racking to perform on such a big stage, with such a big audience.

But, she says it's important to remind the country about the sacrifices military families make every day.

Not everyone still knows we are still in a war and I think this shows how important it is to support our military families, said Ashley.


The American Military Spouses Choir will perform live on NBC at 8 p.m. Tuesday.

They will be competing against 11 other acts during that show.

You can vote for your favorite act, then on Wednesday night's show, the results will be revealed.

Ashley says winning would be a blessing, but more importantly she wants appreciate the opportunity.

Military wives are not only strong for each other and husbands but we don't have to give up our dream and this is just showing how talented we really are, said Ashley.

Ashley is not only preparing for the show, she's also preparing to become a parent.

She and Joshua are expecting their first child this October.

We know that Jayden, our little boy, will just be a couple months old, so we are getting prepared for that, making sure we spend as much time together as possible, said Ashley.

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