BOISE The Boise Police Department is cracking down on red light violators with the help of a hand-held video recorder.

Tuesday, officers staked out the busy Boise intersection of South 13th Street and West Front Street, in an unmarked car and pressed record on the camera, which is pointed to the traffic.

Boise Police Officer Kyle Wills tells KTVB how the sting works.

They usually are parked in an area where they have a good view of the light, the stop bar and traffic going through the intersection, Wills explains. As the light transitions from green to yellow to red, they are recording the intersection.

Wills has patrolled on motorcycle for eight years with Boise Police, and he s seen what can happen when a driver runs a red light.

I have witnessed serious injuries, I have even witnessed fatalities where somebody has gone through a red light and struck and killed another vehicle, pedestrian, Wills said.

He also says the video camera is in response to an increase of citizen calls concerned with a number of drivers putting others at risk by soaring through an intersection when the traffic light turns from yellow to red.

We felt like this was a good time to ramp up the red light enforcement.

The new camera is just an extra tool in the way BPD is catching red light violators and it was purchased through a traffic safety grant.

So this is in response obviously to the citizens to make them feel more safe. said Wills,

In the past two weeks, since purchasing the hand-held recording device, officers have already ticketed 12 drivers with a red light violation.

However in addition to that, Officer Wills also said that during a traffic stop, other things are found, like an expired license or outdated insurance, although he says the goal is to reduce crashes.

He also reminds us of what the actual law says about what is legal and what is illegal when it comes to driving through an intersection on a yellow light.

So of you have entered the intersection on the yellow light its legal for you to proceed through the intersection, said Wills. If the light turns red prior to you crossing the stop bar or entering the intersection than that becomes a violation.

The camera will catch the difference.

I think really as drivers we know when we have done something that we shouldn't have done and I think this just reiterates that fact, Wills said.

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