BOISE -- The clock is ticking down on the state health insurance exchange.

On Thursday, Idaho got closer to making the new health insurance available.

Members of the Idaho Department of Insurance have spent weeks going through dozens of plans from dozens of insurance carriers, making sure they meet the requirements to be sold in the insurance exchange.

The Idaho Department of Insurance had to make sure plans were available in every county, though some counties have more choices than others do.

Get the details on the State Insurance Exchange website.

The medical plans all must include prescription drug coverage, but medical and dental plans are separate.

Among the details they had to work out, insurance options with Idaho's Native American tribes.

There's a zero cost share plan and a limited cost share plan and we did review those plans to make sure they met all the requirements. Additionally, on the essential community providers, there's a requirement to reach out to each tribal hospital, said Wes Trexler with the Idaho Department of Insurance.

The health insurance exchange board approved all plans the Idaho Department of Insurance presented, and the chairman praised the department insurance for their work at looking through all the plans.

You can see the rates for the plans on October 1, when the health insurance exchange goes live.

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