ONTARIO, Ore. -- The body of a 13-year-old boy that drowned in the Snake River near Ontario has been recovered, according to Malheur County Sheriff Brian Wolfe.

The boy was fishing in the river Sunday evening with two friends near Ontario State Park.

Undersheriff Travis Johnson says he drowned after the the trio walked out across a railroad bridge and onto a nearby rock pile in the river. That's when the boy slipped and fell in.

Johnson said the boy's friends watched him struggle and go underwater, but couldn't help him.

The victim was not a strong swimmer, Johnson said, adding that the boy was fully dressed with shoes on.

Malheur County Sheriff's deputies searched for the boy with a boat and underwater camera. His body was found just after noon on Tuesday near where he went in the water.

They say the unpredictable and sometimes swift current and undertows, as well as the rapidly changing water depth are hard to navigate.

Also, even with equipment like underwater cameras it's still very difficult to see what's under the water.

Then of course the other challenge is if the person has indeed drowned, you want to return them to their family just as quick as you can. Our heart goes out to the family. As you know, this weekend there have been several drownings and our heart goes out to all those families, said Wolfe. So it's our job to return that body as quickly as we can.

Meanwhile, Payette County deputies have recovered the body of a 28-year-old man who drowned in the Snake River on Saturday. The body of Daniel Bravo-Rodriguez was found Monday morning.

He was last seen swimming about 30 feet out into the river around 6 p.m. Saturday near Centennial Park in Payette. Witnesses watched him struggle and go under, according to police.

And a 23-year-old man died Saturday afternoon on the Boise River after he became entangled in a rope he was using to boogie board on the river. Taylor Royce Wood was sent to the hospital in critical condition, and passed away a few hours later.

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