BOISE -- How many days of 100-degree weather will Boise experience in July?

As the mercury keeps rising, sweat starts to bead, and fights break out over the air conditioner, you might wish for none.

Too bad.


Boise has already seen six 100-degree plus days in July. This weekend's forecast calls for at least four more days of triple-digit temps.

That means plenty of sweltering heat for everyone to share. Read your forecast here.

Statistically speaking, July is the hottest month in Idaho. On average, Boise experiences about 3 days of 100-degree heat each July.

However, the yearly average for Boise is about 5 to 6 days of 100 degree weather.

With six days above 100 degrees in July 2013, we're well above average, already.


The July heatwave record was set in 2003, when Boise experienced 15 days above 100 degrees in July (and 20 days above 100 degrees overall).

Interestingly, this year's high temperature in Boise has already reached 110 degrees. That's only one degree cooler than the all-time record for both the city and the state of Idaho.

The question remains, however:how many total days will Boise see above 100 degrees in July?

We're on track for at least ten by the time this weekend is over.

After that, there's still 11 days left in the month to break the record.

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