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BOISE -- Last week we told you about how the wild pig population is growing in the U.S.

We wanted to know if that's true here in Idaho as well.

Back in 2011, there were confirmed sightings of feral pigs in the Bruneau area.

At that time, wildlife biologist Scott Stopak told us they were monitoring the situation closely.

Wildlife Services put out traps in the area, as well as trail cameras.

But today, Stopak says there have been no confirmed cases in two years.

We've done some active surveillance and haven't seen anything as well, but that doesn't mean, they're crafty, so that doesn't mean they aren't out there, but we haven't found them if they are, but zero reports since 2011, said Stopak.

Stopak says feral pigs can be dangerous.

They can spread human diseases, and also have a negative impact on agriculture as well.

There is a swine line available. If you see a wild pig, call 888-268-9219.

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