HOMEDALE -- Complete chaos is how authorities in Owyhee County are describing a series of fights that happened Sunday evening at the county fair and rodeo grounds.

It almost was flash mob, said Homedale Police Chief Jeff Eidemiller.

According to Eidemiller, an argument between two individuals was sparked inside the fairgrounds around 9 p.m. There were thousands of people inside the facility to watch a rodeo and concert event.

There had been a fight that had happened inside the fairgrounds, Owyhee County Sheriff's Deputy Karl Kingston explained Sunday night at the scene. They were escorted out to the parking lot, and it continued out here.

Eidemiller said the county's 911 dispatch center soon became flooded with calls for help.

We had multiple, multiple calls for service within a few minutes of fights and just general chaos, Eidemiller said.

But things escalated even from there, and a woman was caught in the scuffle.

(We) had some reports of some beer bottles thrown. One of the suspects tried to flee the scene at which time he struck a pedestrian and three unoccupied vehicles in the parking lot, said Eidemiller.

Just a day after the event, the fairgrounds are littered with beer cans and paper, garbage cans were tipped over and the dirt inside the arena is also littered with trash.

Carrie Woodburn lives near the fairgrounds and is used to hearing the events.

We kind of know that the lights are going to be bright, and it's going to be loud, Woodburn said. Last night it was really really loud. I mean your whole house would just rumble.

When she heard what took place there, she told KTVB she was not surprised.

I think it just got out of hand down there probably too much drinking and just being on the weekend. I just think it got out of hand, Woodburn said.

Eidemiller said they are now looking for the man responsible for hitting an innocent bystander with a vehicle.

He also said it's too early to say what charges will be filed, but the woman who was injured has been released from the hospital.

Homedale Police are investigating the incident and are looking for the suspect in the hit and run.

The suspect is said to be a Hispanic male, driving a black or dark gray Chevy Tahoe.

Anyone with information should call the Owyhee County Sheriff's Office at 208-495-1154.

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