BOISE -- The Red Cross is just one organization that has people across the country assisting with the relief efforts in Oklahoma.

In Idaho, they're getting ready to help out in whatever way they can.

The devastation from this tornado is horrendous. Homes were completely leveled, hundreds injured and dozens are dead.

All you had to do was look at that scene off TV last night. Who wouldn't want to help a family? said Barbara Fawcett with the Red Cross of Greater Idaho.

Fawcett says the agency is planning on sending Idahoans to Oklahoma, she just doesn't know how many yet or when.

On a national level, the Red Cross opened a shelter Monday night and sent 25 emergency response vehicles Tuesday morning with the specific responsibility of feeding people.

We not only feed the folks who have lost their homes, but we also feed first responders and take care of them as well, said Fawcett.

The Salvation Army, although not sending anyone from Idaho, is already on the ground helping.

Our first responders are on the scene providing hydration stations, and they also have our mobile feeding canteens, and they are providing meals for all of the victims, the first responders and also other people that are searching through the rubble, said Major John Stennett.

In Moore, Oklahoma the biggest needs are food, shelter and shoes.

But both organizations agree - it's too expensive to gather donations and ship them to Oklahoma. That's why they're asking anyone who wants to help - to donate money rather than goods.

Really, financially is the best way to go, but designate that you want it for Oklahoma, said Fawcett.

It's important that you designate that you want your donation to go specifically to Oklahoma - if you do - then 100 percent of your donation will go to that relief effort and not to any overhead costs.

To donate to the Idaho Chapter of the American Red Cross click here.

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