BOISE-- People who live in the east Boise area will soon have a new park to enjoy this summer. Marianne Williams Park is a 72-acre site located on the Boise River in the Barber Valley.

The site was donated to the city of Boise in November 2005 by Larry Williams in honor of his wife Marianne.

The park has been under construction for nearly four years, and will officially open on Monday.

It is just the latest addition the city's Ribbon of Jewels system.

The Marianne Williams Park is a beautiful facility. So if you're looking to get outside in the next couple of days, this might just be the place you're going to want to spend some time.

Marianne Williams Park is clearly going to be one of the best parks in our system, said Doug Holloway, Director of Boise Parks and Recreation.

Holloway was all smiles when talking about the city's newest park.

I think you're going to see folks from all over the valley coming out here to see this beautiful park and utilize it, said Holloway.

The biggest thing visitors will notice with this park is all the open space.

Inside the 72-acre park there are ponds and streams, open grassy areas and amenities like a pavilion and gazebo.

There's also 1.8 miles of Greenbelt paths for walkers and bike riders.

It's a kind of park like a Kathryn Albertson Park where you can come, you can sit, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery that's here in the park, said Holloway.

Construction on this $6.4 million park began in 2009 after Larry Williams donated the land in his wife's name, along with some money to get the park going.

The rest of the money to pay for the park came from impact fees from residential construction throughout Boise.

Work crews were still busy Friday putting the finishing touches on the park as the city gets ready for Monday's grand opening celebration which starts at 11 a.m.

The city would also like to add a bridge, some fishing docks and other amenities in the future, if funding becomes available.

An adjacent commercial development is scheduled for development. It will be a mix of commercial and residential property.

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