BOISE -- People came out to the Ada County Courthouse on Saturday to find out more about what goes on in the county. April is National County Month, and Ada County officials and department heads came out to tell the public about a few different things going on, from law enforcement to mosquito abatement. Folks also got a full tour of the Ada County Courthouse.

The purpose of today is to kind of give an open house for people to come down and have the opportunity to walk through the courthouse, said Ada County Commissioner Dave Case.

Case even got a close-up, firsthand look.

I went up with our special operations unit with the paramedics and repelled off the building, said Case.

After the bombing in Boston, Case said it's important the citizens of Ada County know they're in good hands.

Our public servants, our first responders, they need to be trained well in order to react in a minute's notice and handle these emergency situations. And I think we do an excellent job, Case said.

Folks also went on a full tour of the courthouse, including the jail in the basement. It can hold about 100 people.

Tammy Stoffle came with her family.

Well my husband actually works for Ada County, and so I thought it would be kind of fun to bring the kids and kind of show them a little bit of what his job is, said Stoffle.

Stoffle said the tour was interesting, and made her feel safer about her husband when he's in the building.

I mean where they put everybody, and how they transport them from one spot to another is very interesting to see. And to know how green the building is, that they did try and make it a green building and do more for our environment, Stoffle said.

This court house was opened in 2002.

The facilities manager said there are more than 100 cameras in and on the building.

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