CALDWELL Waters users served by the Pioneer Irrigation District will be getting less irrigation water this year.

District officials say drought conditions and a vanishing snowpack is forcing them to reduce water deliveries by 30 percent to its 5,800 patrons.

We're going to try to extend the season as long as we can, use every resource we have available to us, pay real close attention to it this year, and hope for the best, and hope mother nature cooperates with us, said Mark Zirschky with Pioneer Irrigation District.

Unless conditions improve dramatically, Pioneer may cut off water deliveries by mid-August, nearly two months earlier than normal. Irrigation season typically last until early October.

We will be running the system as lean as we possibly can. We will also need the cooperation of our users to be as conservative as possible. But this clear is a low water year and we felt it was critical that we put in place a plan that will hopefully prove a compromise between water supply and demand, said Board Chairman Alan Newbill.

Cooler spring temperatures or substantial precipitation in May could lead to an extended irrigation season, but will not impact the 30 percent cutback.

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