BOISE -- As police in Boston continue to look for the second suspect in the marathon bombing, a local expert gave us some insight. We talked to him about what police need to be on the lookout for, and what information they hope to get from the second suspect, if they find him.

Mike Baker is a former CIA covert operations officer who now lives in Boise. He also runs a worldwide business intelligence company (Diligence LLC). There's so much that needs to be unwound here.

Baker says as officers in Boston search for leads and enter buildings looking for the second bombing suspect, that they should assume the worst. They have to assume that there are other explosives that the current suspect that they're still looking for has. They have to be careful about booby traps, if they're entering a building where they believe he may be. So, you've got all these tactical concerns. Don't go near the walls, don't touch the light switches. You gotta move very slowly.

Baker says that's not only to ensure the safety of the officers, but also to keep the suspect alive. We do want to capture this individual alive if possible. We need to find out, 'How broad is this?'

The answer to that question, Baker says it critical. That's so investigators can learn who or what might've radicalized these suspects, or inspired someone to do this, and who else might be involved. Were they influenced by others outside the country? Did they have other support here? Or, did they just carry out this operation, somehow, on their own? That, I'm not necessarily buying.

With those answers, hopefully authorities can keep more innocent people from dying.

We want his actionable intelligence, said Baker. There's a lot of questions to be asked.

Speaking of how broad this might be, police have not said they're looking for any accomplices right now, but Baker says it's unlikely that whoever did this had no other support.

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