BOISE -- In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings, organizers of the Race to Robie Creek say they're beefing up security for Saturday's event.

Hundreds of runners were at the Basque Center picking up their race packets Wednesday night.

Aside from their bibs, many told KTVB they'd be sporting a blue and yellow ribbon in support of the Boston bombing victims.

Just support for all our fellow runners and showing that our hearts are there for them, said runner Misty Devaull. With Robie supporting it, it makes my heart swell because we're all runners and we're all in it together.

Organizers say they've talked to local police about increasing security on the course.

Runner Richard Link, who is a 17-year Robie veteran, says the race must go on. That's the whole thing, you gotta go run and feel safe and not worry about it. Otherwise, they win.

A special tribute will be held in honor of the Boston Marathon victims at the start of Saturday's race.

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