BOISE -- The 2013 Race to Robie Creek was finished in 1:14:17 by Boise's Markus Geiger, who took Saturday's top spot among a field of thousands.

Eric Fitzpatrick of Boise and David Cornfield of Seattle rounded out the top three spots with finishing times of 1:20:25, and 1:24:22 respectively.

Morgan Arritola, 26, of Ketchum was the top finishing woman, with a time of 1:27:29.

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The half-marathon race goes by the moniker the toughest in the Northwest, and includes a steep climb from the City of Boise to Aldape Summit, then down to Robie Creek Park.

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Boise's Markus Geiger won the 2013 Race to Robie Creek

Ketchum's Morgan Arritola crosses the finish line, taking the no. 1 women's spot

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