MCCALL The city of McCall has fired its police chief.

Jerry Summers was put on suspension on Feb. 1, but city officials remained tight-lipped about the reason why.

On Thursday night, the McCall City Council voted to fire Summers without cause, according to Summers attorney Matthew Williams.

Williams told KTVB that the decision was in retaliation for various acts. He did not elaborate, but did say that the city council failed to act on several complaints made by Summers.

Summers has been chief of police for the city of McCall since 2005. He began working for the department in 1997.

Williams says he plans to file a lawsuit in federal court next week on Summers behalf.

Jerry will have his day in court, Williams stated.

McCall City Manager Gene Drabinski said it was his recommendation to fire Summers and the council unanimously backed him. He stressed that Summers is a good man and has been a valuable asset to the city for 15 years, and added there were no allegations of misconduct or dishonesty.

Drabinski called Summers an at-will employee, which means he can be let go at his discretion. He said the city is now prepared to move in a different direction. Drabinski took over as city manager late last year.

Sgt. Larry Stokes has been acting police chief since Summers was suspended. Drabinski says Stokes has more than 30 years law enforcement experience and will remain on the job until a permanent chief is hired. He did not say how long that will take, but said he is working with the police department to come up an ideal list of characteristics the city wants in its next chief.

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