MERIDIAN Wind conditions have delayed the completion of the newest addition to Roaring Springs Waterpark.

Engineers were scheduled to place the launching capsule for the new Cliffhanger Speed Slide atop its six-story high tower this morning.

Roaring Springs spokeswoman Tiffany Quilici says the capsule cost $90,000 and will be put in place using a crane. It was windy at the site this morning, creating concerns the capsule could get get damaged, so they will try again tomorrow morning.

The capsule has a trap door in its floor that drops riders down a nearly vertical waterslide in just four seconds at speeds of more than 30 mph.

Crews from the Ottawa-based manufacturer ProSlide have traveled to Boise this week to assemble and test the Cliffhanger. The testing is scheduled for Thursday.

The new waterslide has been under construction since Roaring Springs closed last summer.

Quilici says there has been a lot of public anticipation about the new waterslide.

The Cliffhanger will be open to the public on Saturday, May 11, the waterpark's opening day.

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