PORTLAND A new nationwide meat labeling policy has changed the names of your favorite cuts of meat and it was all designed to help consumers.

People who buy prepackaged beef and pork at the store will soon notice new names for different cuts of meat.

The meat industry decided to rename about 350 cuts in order to simplify the way beef and pork are named and described.

The new policy gets away from names based on the animal s anatomy, and will use titles that are more consumer-friendly.

Spencer Adams, the manager at Laurelhurst Butcher Shop, said the simpler the better.

Simplification is good... I mean, restaurants have been using them for a while because something like top blade steak doesn t sound as good as flat iron on a menu, he said.

Here is a complete list of the new names for each cut of meat:

New beef labels (.pdf)

New pork labels (.pdf)

(Reporter Tim Gordon contributed to this report.)

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