KETCHUM -- For hundreds of Idaho skiers, the experience of slashing through crusty spring snow while enjoying 50 degree March temperatures would make for the perfect day at the historic Sun Valley Resort.

Not for Camille Troyer, a senior who attends Boise High.

Just after 1 p.m. on Saturday, Troyer was strapped into a beautiful green and white paraglider with a huge smile on her face.

Camille Troyer

I always see them, Troyer told KTVB while she was getting harnessed at the top of 9,300 foot Baldy Mountain. Asked why she wanted to try the sport, she simply said for the thrill.

Indeed, Troyer was prepared to take her mountain adventure to the next level -- via Matt Beechinor, a certified paragliding instructor at Fly Sun Valley.

Beechinor is a Washington state native who's been paragliding for the past 15 years. His tandem paraglider packs down to the size of a very large backpack, and allows him to ride the Sun Valley Gondola and quad lifts up to the top of the Limelight run.

He says that's where most paragliding happens at the resort. That's no wonder --because Limelight drops into a stomach churning series of steep pitches that overlook the town of Ketchum far below.

It also happens to be where a very official looking windsock flaps in the breeze, allowing paraglider pilots to judge how strong and where the prevailing breeze is coming from.

So, after a short instructional session, and about 10 minutes of unpacking his paraglider and shooshing away pesky skiers, Beechinor and Troyer took flight.

It was a beautiful sight on a beautiful spring day.

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