BOISE -- When it comes to the medical field, one 10-year-old boy has his sights set on becoming a doctor.

On Wednesday, he got a firsthand look of what that would be like.

While touring the St. Luke's Nampa Emergency Department, Noah Gervais said he has wanted to be a doctor since he was two or three-years old.

What started out as a cool idea has turned into a passion to help others. That's because Noah sent a letter to St. Luke's, to see if he could get a tour and learn more.

He expressed interest in taking care of people. He said 'I want to take care of people by the dozens and asked if we irradiate our food in the cafeteria... Just questions only a guy his age would ask, fun questions, insightful,' said Emergency Physician Dr. Nathan Andrew.

It was really cool today. I learned all kinds of stuff like how the ultrasound works, Noah said.

Andrew says this was the first letter he has ever received from a student, and was happy to see such a young man interested in medicine.

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