BOISE -- Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Luna says the automatic budget cuts in Washington, D.C. will have minimal immediate impact to Idaho schools.

What happened when sequestration went in place is not going to have an impact at all on Idaho schools today, said Luna.

Luna told reporters at the Statehouse Monday that the Idaho Department of Education has been monitoring the events in Washington for weeks now, saying the rhetoric was escalating every day as to what the impact was going to have on various programs.

Idaho's Department of Education is still waiting for exact, accurate information from Washington as to how much the federal government will cut from its budget. However, Luna is not immediately concerned because Idaho's school districts aren't yet relying on those 2013 dollars.

It's not until our districts actually get to the 2013 pocket or bucket of money that, if it has an impact, it will happen then, said Luna. Most of our schools are still drawing down 2012 dollars and some of them are still drawing down 2011 dollars. And I think that's a surprise to people.

Luna says if there will be an impact, school districts will have plenty of time to prepare for it.

Especially if you're one of those districts still using 2011 dollars, said Luna.

The White House has said Idaho this year stands to lose $6.6 million in funds.

President Obama said Monday he's still trying to round up Republican leaders who will work with his administration to end $85 million in budget reductions that went into effect Friday.

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