BOISE -- A phone scammer took more than $500 from a Boise mother and daughter. Now they want to warn you not to fall into the same trap.

Early last week, Terri Nicholson said a man claiming to be with Verizon called her.

They said that I had not paid my bill, and I assured them that I did pay it, said Nicholson. I really did trust that it was Verizon, just because they said the exact same thing that Verizon says.

The man on the other end of the line told her he wouldn't disconnect her cell phone if she paid him one dollar to hold the account.

Therefore, she gave him bank account information---including the account number for her mom's bank account. However, when she called her bank, they told her the last check to Verizon did in fact go through.

Nicholson was not late on any payments, so she called the man back.

He said, 'yea it was our mistake. I'm going to take 50 dollars off your bill, Nicholson said. So I gave him the checking account number and that was it.

She didn't realize something was wrong until this week, when she didn't have enough money in her checking account to pay for her groceries. Nicholson called her bank

She said, 'your balance is only five dollars,' said Nicholson.

Her credit card bill showed charges to a prison in Pennsylvania, a pizza shop in Florida, and the iTunes store. Nicholson discovered $160 of charges someone else made to her account; her mom's account had more than $420 of fraudulent charges.

Now she has a warning for others.

I would tell anybody and everybody to keep a very close eye on their checking accounts.

Luckily, Nicholson and her mom got all their money back.

Here are some tips from the FBI
so you can protect yourself.

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