BOISE -- Just in time for a very warm, spring-like Valentine's Day, Zoo Boise has debuted its two new patas monkeys.

Zoo officials are happy to announce that DJ and Kibibi have acclimated to their new environment, and are successfully sharing an exhibit with Incus, the zoo's male patas monkey.

The two female monkeys were initially separated from the male by a mesh door until the animals were acclimated. Zoo officials say the process took about a week, and the monkeys are now free to mingle.

Does that mean love is in the air at Zoo Boise?

We are happy that the introduction of the monkeys went well, said Steve Burns, director of Zoo Boise. They seem very comfortable with each other. The older of the two girls is just reaching breeding age. What happens from here is up to them.

Incus, DJ and Kibibi will live in the zoo's primate house until May, when they'll move to an outdoor exhibit. Plans are already underway for a new monkey exhibit after a break-in and the tragic beating death of one of the zoo's patas monkeys in November.


Zoo Boise is also reporting leopard love on Valentine's Day.

They say after about a year of sharing the same enclosure, the zoo's two snow leopards are now canoodling.

Tashi and Kabita were introduced in early 2012, but did not successfully pair until this Monday, according to zookeepers.

They say the two amorous big cats are now inseparable, and can be seen in their exhibit sitting close together and nuzzling. The cats are part of an endangered species breeding program.

Zoo Boise is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. More information here.

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