BOISE -- After controversy over the firing of Capital City Public Market Founder Karen Ellis, a new market is on the map. This market is set to take place downtown at the same time and, just a few blocks away from the other market's location on Front Street.

Paul and Mary Jean Wegner were among the 16 original vendors at the Capital City Public Market in 1994. Fresh homemade Italian food has been their signature for about 20 years. The Wegners were upset after the market's founder, Karen Ellis, was fired a few months ago.

The way it unfolded, was a lot of us from the beginning were unhappy with how it went down, Mary Jean Wegner said. And so we got together and from that it kind of gave birth to a nucleus of change, And I can't express to you how much gratitude we have with the people that we've gotten together with, and for just the birth of this new market. It's going to be outstanding.

Paul Wegner said all 16 original vendors left the Capital City Public Market for the new Boise Farmer's Market.

We're going back to our roots. We're going back to an agricultural, produce and food-centric market. That's what we're doing it's going to be about food, he said.

Now the new Boise Farmer's Market has picked its new location at Front and Grove, and 10th and 11th streets. Just a few blocks from the Capital City Public Market.

Paul and Mary Jean Wegner believe Boise can support two Saturday markets.

There's so much enthusiasm from people that have come in here and asked about the market and getting back to the grass roots of being able to buy their vegetables, talk to the vendors, and feel that sense of community, said Wegner.

Paul Wegner agrees.

I think it's going to foster an alternative to what we've had in the past at the Capital City Public Market, Wegner said.

The couple does not feel a sense of competition between the markets.

I think they're going to work in tandem. I think it's going to be wonderful for both markets, said Paul.

We asked the folks from the Capital City Public market for comment on the new market and their location. They declined our request for an interview.

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