ADA COUNTY -- The father of a girl who died after a car wreck on Highway 16 wants something done to make the area safer for drivers.

Shauna Hill died in December after a wreck at Highway 16 and Floating Feather. Her dad, Edward Hill, said that area is dangerous, and he believes if something is not done, other kids will get in wrecks there.

Edward Hill started an online petition to get the Idaho Transportation Department to change the speed limit on Highway 16 and put in a light at Floating Feather.

A few days after his daughter died, Captain Edward Hill came out to the intersection of Highway 16 and Floating Feather. He saw the place where a car slammed into the car Shauna Hill was driving. He said he immediately judged the road dangerous, and decided something needed to be done to make the road safer. Hill started an online petition.

I'm getting lots of comments on my petition, a lot of comments, saying, 'I had my father or my brother or my friends have been hurt and killed in this stretch of road at this intersection,' said Hill.

The night of Shauna's accident, a Sheriff's deputy told KTVB something along those lines.

We have unfortunately, a lot of accidents at these intersections so we ask people to be really careful about coming up to these stop signs and across highway, said Sergeant Pat Schneider with the Ada County Sheriff's Office.

Hill wants the Idaho Transportation Department to put in a light at Highway 16 and Floating Feather.

A light can't happen in every case, but in this case where we have school buses crossing every day, I think it fits the criteria and it's going to get worse.

However, he said it is also important to lower the speed limit on Highway 16 from 44 to Beacon Light

Whenever an accident happens there's mistakes but the speed is the killer, said Hill. If Shauna was hit at 45 she would have survived, most likely yes. And if the speed limit was 45 she might have been able to deal with the situation.

Hill told KTVB the motivation for his crusade is other kids, kids like Maclain Underwood.

Shauna had a lot to live for and I guess it was her time, said Underwood, an Eagle High School student. If somebody would have done this before him (Edward Hill), Shauna would have been alive.

The petition has more than 700 signatures. The goal is 2,000.

I think it's unconscionable that we allow there to be a certain body count before we react, and the citizens should not tolerate it. And I plan on making that voice very strong, said Hill.

After Shauna died, her parents donated her kidneys, pancreas, liver and heart. Hill said all four recipients are doing well.

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