BOISE The temperatures in the Treasure Valley continue to stay low, leaving snow and ice on our city sidewalks.

According to a Boise city ordinance, you must shovel your sidewalks clear of snow. It's your responsibilty.

Is there a requirement that you shovel your walk after it snows, and the answer is 'yes', that's according to Adam Park, spokesperson for the City of Boise.

The ordinance says sidewalks must be clear by 9 a.m. It s also a homeowner s responsibility to keep it that way if snow continues to fall throughout the day.

Park says a property owner could be cited with a misdemeanor violation if they fail to do so.

He says trying to walk on a sidewalk with snow, versus trying to walk on a sidewalk without it, can mean all the difference to someone.

For a lot of people, they really cannot pass if there is any kind of snow -- elderly people, people that are maybe disabled, said Park.

So far, Park says most people are complying with the ordinance this year. However if there is a problem, the city calls out Code Enforcement.

We can write them a citation and it s a misdemeanor violation, said Park. It doesn t happen very often but it s something within the city's capability.

For Boise, the snow sticking around is not typically an issue.

Obviously right now we have got a lot of snow that is sticking around, said Park.

When it comes to the downtown city streets, Park says crews try to keep up on it.

It s simply impossible for the city to shovel every walk on every street in the entire city and that is why we ask property owners to do that.

The city also asks neighbors to help other neighbors by shoveling sidewalks that maybe others can t.

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