BOISE -- The Better Business Bureau and local law enforcement are investigating a fraudulent car business, that claims it is operating out of Nampa.

The BBB first got a complaint from someone who said they bought a car from Global VIP -- but that it was never delivered, and they weren't able to get a refund either.

You can find the suspicious business online here.

When the BBB looked into the person's claim, they found the Global VIP car lot actually was a vacant lot sitting between two legitimate car dealers in Nampa.

Dale Dixon with the BBB says the company's website has a full list of what looks to be great cars -- but that their prices are too good to be true.

The one big red flag for us was that the cars listed were significantly below book value, meaning they had an Acura for sale for $22,000. Book value on the Acura is really $30,000, said Dixon.

Dixon also says law enforcement is working to get the website shut down.

Meanwhile, the owner of a car dealership in Garden City, Global Auto Sales, says people are confusing his business with the fraudulent website.

Dixon says Global Auto Sales on Chinden is a licensed business.

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