GARDEN CITY -- A few tense minutes in Garden City Wednesday afternoon, as a portion of Fenton Street was shut down with the report of a man wildly firing a gun.

It turned out only to be a potato cannon.

Police say they got a call of shots fired at about 2 p.m. and had very limited information.

About a dozen Garden City officers and Ada County sheriff deputies responded, but within about 20 minutes, they cleared the scene.

With the tragic shooting in Connecticut just days ago, we asked Garden City Police Sergeant Jerry Walbey if officers think or respond differently to calls like this. He says they always prepare for the worst.

It's still a response that's the same for us, said Walbey. We're thinking the same thing all the time, and we're hoping, like in this case, that it turns out not to be true.

Walbey says the firing of even a potato cannon in the city limits violates state and city law.

Charges could be filed by the Ada County Prosecutor.

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