IDAHO CITY -- Boise County Sheriff's deputies arrested a man wanted in connection with at least 10 burglaries in multiple jurisdictions and states.

Boise County Sheriff Ben Roeber says over the weekend a neighbor in Lowman spotted some suspicious activity at a vacation home.

Deputies responded and found 33-year-old Billie Jo Shrader inside the home. Roeber says the man had been in the home at least one night, if not more.

He had kind of just made himself at home. He had started a fire, he just kind of moved in a little bit, said Roeber.

Roeber says Boise County detectives also tied Shrader to a break-in at the Cascade Raft Company in Banks last Wednesday when a bus and some miscellaneous property were reported stolen.

The Boise County Sheriff's Office later recovered the bus, which was abandoned in some woods near Lowman.

Boise County's investigation revealed Shrader is wanted in Marion County, Oregon. Don Thomson, public information officer for Marion County Sheriff's Office, says Shrader began breaking in to vacation homes in the Detroit Lake area near Salem in late October. Thomson says Shrader was caught red-handed by one cabin owner.

It was a short confrontation. Shrader had fled without his clothing. He was actually asleep in bed naked when the cabin owner found him, said Thomson.

The cabin owner snapped a picture on his cell phone of the naked Shrader before he fled from the cabin.

Thomson says there were numerous sightings of Shrader hauling a wheelbarrow of camping supplies and food. Reporting parties thought Shrader was homeless, but authorities in Oregon began putting two-and-two together. They believe he is responsible for a handful of vacation home burglaries.

Meanwhile, Roeber says Shrader made his way east on Highway 20/26 through Bend, Burns and Caldwell. He says there is reason to believe Shrader is responsible of a home burglary in Caldwell.

Roeber says Shrader confessed to the incidents in Boise County.

He wanted to get caught. He wanted to go back to prison, said Roeber. Shrader even asked our deputies if they thought he would get 20 years in prison.

Thomson says Shrader had been out of prison on prior offenses for only six days before he began the vacation home break-in spree in late October.

Thomson says Shrader even left his prison ID card in one of the homes he is accused of breaking into in Oregon.

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