Boise -- It's the big question many skiers and snowboarders are asking: when will Bogus Basin open for business?

Officials say their best guess is within ten days.

Bogus picked up several inches of snow during last weekend's winter storm. A quick look intoBoise's foothills shows a beautiful coating of snow. However, management says they'll need a few more inches get the lifts running.

General Manager Alan Moore reports about four inches of heavy, packed snow on most of the runs. He says they need about 12 inches to open the area.


Moore says you can expect Bogus Basin to open in the next ten days -- just in time for the Christmas holiday.

We're waiting for a bit more snow, Moore said. There's about four or five inches in the base, a bit more on top. The storms continue to roll through, and we think with any luck we should be open in the next week or ten days.

Moore says the magic number of 12 inches represents heavy, moisture-laden snow. If that snow comes down as fluffy white powder, he says Bogus Basin will need more than two feet to open.

Nearly everyone is watching the forecast, probably a little more than we should, Moore said. But that's just what happens when you work for a ski area.


Moore says when Bogus Basin opened on January 19th of last year, the ski area experienced about a 20% loss in revenue due to the late start and resulting short season.

However, he also says the folks at Bogus aren't concerned about a similar problem this year.

I think folks think the Bogus people are a little worried because of the late opening last year, but we're not, Moore said. The weather pattern is out there. It's almost continuous storms, not quite as heavy as we'd like, but we will be open in the next week or ten days.

Moore says last year's opening delay means this year's season pass sales are down, but he's not concerned. We're not thinking about last year, because that was such an outlier, Moore said. We're thinking we're going to be open here pretty quick.

Moore explains the most important date for Bogus Basin is December 20th. That's when most kids get out of school for the holidays and Bogus does much of its business.

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