POCATELLO -- An Idaho State University professor is planning a major aerial search for the mythical 'bigfoot using a custom made airship.

Professor Jeff Meldrum describes his project as a state of the art aerial wildlife survey in order to try to track and locate a sasquatch.

He says his blimp-like aircraft is being built the help of a Utah-based company.

It looks like something out of a science fiction movie, Meldrum says. It's a dirigible, an airship that has two air cells that gives it a kind of a catamaran stability in the air. Meldrum says the yeti zeppelin will be filled with high tech equipment, including infrared cameras that will give researchers the best possible chance of spotting a sasquatch.

It's not just looking at a little blob of red light against a blue background, Meldrum said. This is high-definition videography that will use a telephoto lens that can zoom in from a mile away, literally.

However, before the airship takes off on it's maiden voyage, it has to be built.

Meldrum says the money to put it together will come from private donations. Beyond the more attention grabbing goal of finding bigfoot, Meldrum says the planned aircraft has many other possible uses.

All types of wildlife studies even geological studies could be conducted with data that could be garnered from an airship gathering this type of aerial surveillance imagery, he says.

The Idaho State University professor says he's planning on getting construction started within the next few months. He hopes to have his bigfoot blimp in the air by the end of spring in 2013.

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