BOISE -- A 63-year-old Boise woman is the newest million dollar Powerball winner.

Susan Worthington claimed her $1 million winning ticket from the Idaho LotteryTuesday morning.

She won the big prize in last week's historic drawing that soared to a record Powerball jackpot of $587.5 million.

Susan almost did not buy a ticket for the Powerball drawing, but changed her mind at the urging of her 83-year-old mother.

I gave her five dollars and I said, 'You put in five dollars,' said Jean Worthington-Byers.

Susanbought five Powerball tickets around 6 p.m. Wednesday, just hours before the deadline.

The mother and daughter then randomly picked their tickets.

She came homeandfanned out on a table the tickets she bought. I drew one, she drew one, then I drew one, then she drew one. I came that close to being a millionaire, said Jean Worthington-Byers.

A check presentation was held Tuesday morning at Albertsons at Five Mile and Ustick roads, where the winning ticket was purchased.

Worthington tells KTVB her first big purchase was an $80 keyless entry remote to her Chevy Malibu. She also bought her mother lunch at Olive Garden.

When asked if she's gone on any big shopping sprees, Worthington replied, I need to get milk and juice here at Albertsons.

Worthington, who recently retired, said, You always think what would I do with a millionaire dollars. Look at the good you can do with that much money. And I hope I can, said Susan Worthington.

I am so happy for her. So happy, said Jean Worthington-Byers.

The last big lottery winner at the Albertsons on Ustick and Five Mile was in June 2011.
A man won $191-thousand dollars on Winner Take All Raffle.

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