BOISE -- Since a break-in and the killing of a monkey at Zoo Boise in mid-November, the zoo has added some new security measures.

The city's Parks and Recreation Department confirmed Zoo Boise has added razor wire to some parts of the fence around the zoo. A spokesperson says it is a way to make it even more difficult to get into the zoo. KTVB observed a few sections of razor wire on the perimeter fence.

The zoo's director told KTVB right after the break-in that he believed the zoo already had good security, but this would be used as a time to further examine the set-up.

On November 17, police say Michael Watkins went into the zoo after hours and killed aPatas monkey. According to court documents, prosecutors say Watkins intended to take the monkey and deliberately killed it.

Watkins is still in the Ada County jail and has a preliminary hearing scheduled on December 5.

Zoo Boise was just re-accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums in September. The zoo must go through an extensive every five years to get the AZA accreditation.

The AZA standards require a number of security and animal safety precautions the zoo must follow to get credentials from the association. Some of those requirements the zoo passed in September include having monitoring, like security guards, and an 8-foot perimeter fence.

The zoo's director did not return phone calls for this story, but he previously told KTVB more information is likely to be released next week regarding the remaining monkey and if they will be able to keep that monkey at the zoo.

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