BOISE -- Boise State's hopes for a BCS bowl game took a hit Sunday evening when the BCS released its latest standings.

The Broncos are currently at No. 20 in the standings, three spots behind No. 17 Kent State (11-1).

The highest ranked non-AQ team in the top 16 of the BCS, and ranked ahead of an AQ conference champion, is guaranteed a spot in a BCS bowl.

With both Rutgers and Louisville of the Big East losing Saturday, and losses by a number of other teams sitting directly in front of Boise State, Kent State and Northern Illinois (11-1), the door was opened for a non-AQ to get a coveted BCS bid.

The humans poll components of the BCS standings favor Boise State, with the USA Today Coaches' Poll jumping them seven spots earlier Sunday from No. 22 to No. 15. Meanwhile NIU is ranked No. 18 and Kent State No. 19 by the coaches. The Harris Interactive Poll has Boise State No. 17, Kent State No. 18, and NIU No. 19.

Combined, the coaches' and Harris polls make up two-thirds of the BCS standings, while a series of computers formulas make up the final third. The computers favor NIU and Kent State over Boise State.

Kent State is sitting in the driver's seat heading into this Saturday's MAC championship game against Northern Illinois. The winner of that game will likely get a big boost for beating a ranked team.

Boise State, meanwhile, will take on Nevada in an ABC-televised matchup.

At this point, if Boise State is to make a BCS bowl game, several things will likely have to happen. First, the Broncos need to move up at least four spots in the standings, which means that some teams directly in front of them will have to lose. Second, Bronco Nation will want to root for Northern Illinois to beat Kent State on Saturday (but not jump Boise State in the rankings). And third, the Broncos need to win in Reno, preferably in a spectacular fashion.

The Broncos will have the benefit of a big television audience against the Wolfpack, and if they hope to keep their BCS hopes alive, they'll need to take advantage of it.

BCS Standings

1. Notre Dame (12-0) .9979
2. Alabama (11-1) .9236
3. Georgia (11-1) .8911
4. Florida (11-1) .8882
5. Oregon (11-1) .8626
6. Kansas State (10-1) .7735
7. LSU (10-2) .7357
8. Stanford (10-2) .7299
9. Texas A&M (10-2) .6861
10. South Carolina (10-2) .6689
11. Oklahoma (9-2) .6129
12. Nebraska (10-2) .5393
13. Florida State (10-2) .4645
14. Clemson (10-2) .4570
15. Oregon State (8-3) .3790
16. UCLA (9-3) .3304
17. Kent State (11-1) .2512
18. Texas (8-3) .2492
19. Michigan (8-4) .2094
20. Boise State (9-2) .2030
21. Northern Illinois (11-1) .1936
22. Northwestern (9-3) .1865
23. Oklahoma State (7-4) .1646
24. Utah State (10-2) .1171
25. San Jose State (10-2) .0974

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