MERIDIAN -- A Meridian family is at it again. They have created another amazing light show that is bound to draw big crowds this holiday season. And they will turn it on soon!

Scott Cadger and his 17-year-old son, Zach, have been going all out decorating their home since they moved into this Meridian subdivision in 2005. They started working on this year's light show in late September.

It includes 30,000 lights connected with 250 extension cords, a whole carton of large, plastic candy canes, lighted signs and reindeer, plus a big star and four, tall, wooden trees each with hundreds of lights.

It's all synchronized by computer with several up tempo, pulsating, thumping, happy songs. It takes Zach three to four hours to program each minute of music. The end result is an explosion of light, color and sound.

I love technology. I love computers, said Zach Cadger. And I love to entertain people. His father Scott added, We change everything up every year, so it's not the same old thing.

This year they will be collecting food and cash for the Meridian Food Bank. It's a chance to do good while they are making people feel good with the light show.

Last year we got several thousand dollars worth of food and money for the food bank, said Zach Cadger.

The Cadgers will turn on the light show for the public for the first time Thanksgiving night. It will be on every night through the holidays.

Their house is on East Cornell Drive in Meridian. That is just off Meridian Road between Ustick and McMillan.

The display does not blast music into the neighborhood. Passersby can tune their car radios to 92.7 to hear the music.

The Cadgers have also posted the light show on YouTube. They say last year's display got 3.2 million hits.

It makes me happy to know that a lot of people's Christmases are made better because of our light show, said Zach.

And perhaps his father summed it up best. The Christmas spirit is the biggest thing.

Click here to watch the full light show on YouTube.

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