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MIDDLETON -- Idaho's golden girl Kristin Armstrong is trying to spread good fortune to Middleton High School.

As part of the Go On campaign, Armstrong challenged students to aim high and go after their goals.

She shared a personal story about having been told as kid she wasn't anything special.

We all have a dream, right? But here's the deal about dreams - they don't come knocking at your door and they don't deliver themselves to you. Whatever you want to do, you can go after that. But you have to work, you have to become accountable, you have to make a plan.

Middleton High School is also playing in the state championship football game Saturday.

Kristin rubbed her gold medal on the quarterback's arm and kicker's foot for good luck.

The last time she did that was at the University of Idaho's homecoming game and they won.

We'll find out if she is two for two Saturday night.

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