MERIDIAN -- Police say a 33-year-old man who pointed a shotgun at an officer Monday morning has shot and killed himself after a standoff that lasted more than five hours.

Meridian Police Deputy Chief Tracy Basterrechea said police were attempting to serve a felony warrant at a home near the 1000 block of East Chateau Drive when the standoff began.

He pointed a shotgun at one of our officers, Basterrechea said, adding that police immediately pulled back and set up a perimeter near the home after the confrontation.

Several nearby households were evacuated as the situation began.

Neighbors, students, and staff at nearby Chief Joseph Elementary School, were asked to stay inside and lock their doors during the standoff.

In addition, Basterrechea said a police officer had been dispatched to the school for extra precaution.


The precautionary measures were part of a safety hold, and not a lockdown, according to Joint School District No. 2 spokesman Eric Exline.

Exline said police called the school with the information at approximately 10:20 a.m.

Morning kindergarten students were forced to stay on campus due to the situation, while afternoon kindergarten classes were been canceled.

Students were eventually allowed home on buses, and via parent pickup when the school day ended at 3:45 p.m.Some students were allowed to walk home.

The district's electronic alert system was used to deliver the information to parents at 3 p.m.


Basterrechea says at an early point in the standoff, the man fired a gunshot inside the home, so police used a SWAT vehicle to remove the home's attached garage door.

At that point, we ripped the front door of the garage off to determine if the victim had shot himself, Basterrechea said.

Officers used a tactical robot to make contact with the man via video camera, and saw he was uninjured. However, they also saw he was armed with a shotgun and a pistol.

Police continued to make video contact with the man for several hours, while talking to him via the robot and trying to diffuse the situation.

Despite those efforts, police say the man shot and killed himself at 3:42 p.m.

Basterrechea says the man was not inside his own home, describing the residence as that of an acquaintance.

No one else was home.

Basterrechea says the man was wanted on a felony warrant for failure to appear on drug charges.

Neighbors can expect police officers at or near the home into the evening hours on Monday.

The man's identity is expected to be released by the Ada County coroner.

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