BOISE -- For nearly three decades, customers have been pouring in to one of Boise's most famous family-owned restaurants -- the Brick Oven Bistro.

It began as the Beanery, but has expanded to an establishment known for its home-cooked meals and hospitality.

The Bistro will be shutting its doors on Nov. 25.

The owners tell us that after 29 years, they're ready for a break.

That's because they're not typical restaurant owners. The husband and wife team have spent every day, cooking every meal, and greeting every guest, to give them a unique family-style dining experience.

It's the friendly service, good soup and sandwiches that folks in Boise have come to expect every time they walk into the Brick Oven Bistro, a meal-time mainstay since 1984.

Even kids understand the Bistro is a family tradition for many, like Suzanne Green.

My husband and I had our first meal here together and all my kids love it, said Green.

It's clear the kids and adults can't get enough. Especially, one of the hottest item on the menu.

I like the turkey sandwich here, especially the open face. I've never gotten anything else, said Green.

But the home-cooked creations won't be available for long since the owners will stop serving and shut down the decades-old deli next month.

It was just time, we've been doing this for a long time, the lease was up and the question was whether we wanted to carry on, said co-owner Stephanie Telesco.

Stephanie and Jeff Telesco have personally prepared each meal for years, while watching downtown Boise grow up around them.

It's life down here, it goes up and down, but overall it's developed really beautifully, said Stephanie Telesco.

A downtown many say will miss the food and friendly smiles found here for years.

It's a very special place for a lot of people who grew up in Boise, said Green.

If you'd like to grab another meal here, the Bistro will be open until Nov. 25.

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