BOISE -- Defense attorneys began their attempt Monday to poke holes in the prosecution's case against Rob Hall. He's the man accused of killing Emmett Corrigan in a Meridian Walgreens parking lot last year.

Essentially, the defense is showing alternative theories for how things may have happened last March.

We know the victim was shot twice -- once in the chest, once in the head -- and that the suspect was also grazed in the head by a bullet.

Prosecutors say Hall intentionally killed Corrigan with those two shots to stop his wife from leaving him to be with Corrigan.

Hall's gunshot wound, they say, was from a self-inflicted wound.

Today we finally heard from a defense expert -- a forensic scientist, we've heard a lot about. Kay Sweeney began examining and testing the evidence last year.

After looking at the two bullets recovered from Corrigan's body, Sweeney says there is a high degree of probability that the bullet that hit Emmett Corrigan in the chest was the same that hit Rob Hall.

He says the bullet to the chest showed signs of hitting something else first, and the only piece of evidence on the scene that was hit was Hall's head.

Additionally, this expert called into question earlier gunshot residue test evidence that showed Rob Hall had the most on his hands.

Sweeney: You can't say who fired the firearm, but the firearm is there and three people are near it is what it implies.

Defense Attorney Rob Chastain: Mr. Sweeney, can you say who fired the firearm at the time all this happened?

Sweeney: No.

Chastain: Why not?

Sweeney: There's just no evidence to identify specifically who fired it.

Another piece of evidence brought in today was a recording of Rob Hall immediately after the shooting.

In it, we could hear Hall speaking slowly and slurring.

He told officers he'd fought with his wife's boss, Hall's gun fell out of his pocket, Corrigan shot him, but he didn't know who shot Corrigan.

A doctor testified that Hall shows signs of amnesia and because of his head wound, it's likely his brain never recorded memories of that night.

Tuesday the defense is planning to finish its case by calling the lead detective and then Rob Hall's daughter.

It is possible they could decide Rob Hall should take the stand.

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