BOISE -- Prosecutors have finished presenting their case against Rob Hall, the man accused of shooting and killing attorney Emmett Corrigan last March.

The defense is scheduled to begin Monday.

Prosecutors tied up some loose ends today with a few quick witnesses, and during that time and after the jury left, we learned more about the defense plan.

The day began with an unusual exhibit for jurors. Detectives set up the Meridian Walgreens parking lot where the shooting happened, so jurors could look at the scene for themselves.

Then it was back to the courtroom where the state finished up with witnesses, including a concealed carry instructor who taught Rob Hall in 2006.

Prosecutors brought him in to show that Hall has received proper firearms training and was taught when shooting in self-defense is appropriate.

When the defense got up to question the instructor, the attorney hinted at what might be part of his case.

Does your class teach the situation wherein the person who has the carry concealed permit and is carrying the gun in his pocket or in his hoodie, but not in his hands, and he is suddenly attacked, the gun falls out of his pocket, and he's shot...what's the reaction? What's the person who has the concealed weapon supposed to do then? When it's been knocked away from him and used against him? asked defense attorney Rob Chastain.

That's not anything I cover in my class, sir, said Joe Talouse, Hall's concealed carry instructor.

Based on some planning done this afternoon, it appears the defense will call doctors who will say Rob Hall doesn't remember the shooting because of the gunshot that grazed his head during the incident.

Also, we're expecting to hear from the scientist whose report we've heard referenced throughout trial, one that might suggest the same bullet that hit Hall in the head was the same one that hit the victim in the chest.

Today we also heard recordings of phone calls Rob Hall has made to his wife and mother from jail.

Following the prosecution's case, defense attorneys asked the judge to dismiss the case for insufficient evidence. That's a relatively standard practice and the judge denied the request.

NewsChannel 7 will be back in the courtroom Monday when the trial resumes.

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