BOISE -- Deputies arrested Darnell and Tania Washington in King County, Washington for having stolen license plates on their car. After the arrest, deputies found out the stolen plates were just the beginning of the story.

Just weeks ago, Susie Ko was alive, chatting with her Boise neighbors. She and her husband Kelvin Ko, rented a home in the Mesa Vista subdivision of Boise. They also had a home in Hercules, California.

Lovely people, I liked them both very much, said neighbor and friend, Leona Underkofler.

Underkofler says she planned to see Susie again.

They were going to be back here on the 23rd of October, and we were going out to dinner, Underkofler said.

However, Susie Ko never made it back to the Gem State. Last Friday, Hercules Police found Ko murdered and her car missing.

We're still looking for the vehicle, said Connie Van Putten of the Hercules Police Department. When it left here, it had an Idaho license plate to the best of our knowledge, Van Putten said on the night of Ko's vigil.

Days later, a King County Sheriff's Deputy found Ko's missing car in a Seattle-area neighborhood. Inside the car were Darnell and Tania Washington.

Police say Tania Washington helped Darnell Washington escape the San Bernardino County Jail in late August. The couple continued to commit crimes throughout Los Angeles County.

The suspects are wanted for the attempted murder of a Temple Sheriff's Deputy that occurred on September Second, said Nicole Nishida of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

Tania and Darnell Washington are also persons of interest in the October 5th murder of Susie Ko.

We also know from talking with agencies in California that there was a rash of other car thefts and robberies that occurred between the time of the murder and the time that they shot the deputy in LA County, said Sergeant Cindi West. We still don't know what other crimes they committed in the process.

The King County Sheriff's Office is talking with other departments to see if Darnell and Tania Washington may have been involved in other potential crimes in Oregon and Washington.

Darnell and Tania Washington were denied bail from the King County Jail. They're set to face a judge Friday.

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