PORTLAND -- Twelve years after killing her husband in a northeastern Oregon campground, Liysa Northon has left the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility in Wilsonville.

Now 50 years old, Northon pleaded guilty in 2001 in Enterprise to manslaughter in the shooting death of Chris Northon, a Hawaiian Airlines pilot with a home in Bend.

She said she was a victim of domestic violence who defended herself. Prosecutors said she aimed to gain life insurance and other benefits and property.

The story was the subject of true crime writer Ann Rule's 2003 book, Heart Full of Lies.

I think she served a very short sentence for a very cruel murder, Rule told KGW.

But Northon said Rule manipulated the narrative.

She needed to make a really salacious story in order to sell books, Northon said. She disregarded everything that didn't fit into her preconceived ideas.

Northon married freelance writer Rick Swart in 2011, while she was still in prison, and he has stirred controversy by writing about her.

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KGWReporter Tim Gordon contributed to this report.

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