BOISE -- A 12-person jury is in place for the trial of a man accused of killing a Meridian attorney last year. Rob Hall is charged with first degree murder. Three alternate jurors will also sit through the trial in case a replacement is needed.

Opening statements are expected to get underway Wednesday morning at 9:00 a.m.

Prosecutors say Hall shot and killed Emmett Corrigan in a Meridian Walgreens parking lot after he allegedly learned his wife had left the couple's home to visit Corrigan. The state's theory is that Hall killed Corrigan to prevent his wife from leaving Hall for Corrigan.

More than 100 potential witnesses are listed for this case, including Hall's wife Kandi, the only eyewitness to the crime.

Court documents reveal some clues about what might come up. For example, prosecution witnesses may testify about Rob and Kandi Hall's relationship deteriorating before to the shooting. Court documents show some potential witnesses may testifiy that Hall was abusive toward his wife, and she intended to divorce him.

Defense witnesses may testify that the victim had drugs, like anabolic steroids, in his system. The court documents filed by Hall's attorney explain: The behavior and mental state attributed to Mr. Corrigan in the weeks and months leading up to and including March 11, 2011 was in large part due to the negative psychiatric effects of amphetamines, Dianabol and Stanozolol.

Other experts may testify that Hall doesn't remember the shooting, because he himself was shot during the confrontation. A doctor wrote that Hall suffered a significant traumatic brain injury as a result of the gunshot wound...[and] does not recall the event itself.

The trial is expected to last around four weeks.

Hall's attorneys and the state previously entered into mediation in an attempt to settle all or parts of the case. According to state legal experts, it was the first time anyone has attempted to mediate a murder case.

Our Jamie Grey will be in court, and have reports on the News at Five and Six.

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