BOISE -- Police say the driver of a small scooter was hit and seriously injured by a fire truck responding to a medical emergency early Friday morning.

Idaho State Police say 26-year-old James Lucero of Portland, OR. was traveling south on 14th street when he ran a red light and was struck by the fire engine.

The Boise Fire Department reports the fire engine was headed to South 6th Street to help an unconscious man just after 2:30 a.m.. Firefighters say the truck had emergency lights on and was blaring its siren when the crash happened.

Lucero collided with the driver's side of the fire engine at the intersection of 14th and Main Street.

There was pretty substantial damage to the engine, said Idaho State Police Trooper Kenny Walker. Obviously, the scooter was completely annihilated.

Walker says Lucero was taken to Saint Alphonsus with serious injuries. He was not wearing a helmet. No one in the fire engine was hurt.

The investigation is still underway, said Walker. Alcohol may have been involved. We are still investigating that.

Idaho State Police planned to interview Lucero at the hospital.

Paramedics and troopers were still on scene at 5 a.m.

Boise Fire Chief Dennis Doan released this statement:

Boise Firefighters train on an ongoing basis to respond to emergency situations as safely as possible. The safety of the public is a firefighters primary concern. Right now, our thoughts are with the motorcyclist for a quick recovery.

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