BOISE COUNTY -- More than 250 firefighters are battling the Karney Fire, 10 miles northeast of Boise.

Thursday, crews focused on keeping the fire inside the fire line. So far, crews say their effort has been successful.

We are definitely getting the upperhand on this, said fire information officer Gil Knight.

Although firefighters are still working in Wilderness Ranch, things have calmed down in the the community since Tuesday when the Karney Fire started coming toward them.

Many of the homeowners have been preparing for a wildfire for years. Wilderness Ranch has been a Fire Wise Community since 2000.

We move up here because we want the trees, and we want the views, and the animals and all these things, but in order to do that we have to be prepared for when fire comes through, and be able to help our homes survive that, said Carrie Wiss, the Fire Wise coordinator for Wilderness Ranch.

Wiss helps everyone look at their homes and figure out the best way to prepare.

I start everybody at the front door, said Wiss. She has them look at what is touching their home. If it is dry, dead or easily catches fire - Wiss says it shouldn't be there.

Some homeowners have gravel next to their home or green gardens, Wiss says both are good choices.

Wiss says preparing your home for a fire is a marathon and not a sprint. Once the front of your house is taken care of, Wiss says to slowly work your way into your yard. Branches that are low to the ground should be trimmed. Dry dead grass or fallen pine needles should also be racked up and removed.

It is preparation and prevention, said Wiss. She says some of the homeowners hard work saved their homes from the Karney Fire.

It is a part of it, it is always a part of it, said Wiss. Of course, firefighters also played a huge role in protecting the homes. Crews continue to keep a close eye on the homes in Wilderness Ranch.

The evacuation order is still in effect. The Boise County Sheriff's Office and firefighters are constantly evaluating the situation, and as soon as it is safe, people will be able to return home.

The American Red Cross Shelter that was set up in Idaho City for homeowners who had been evacuated, is now closed. If anybody still needs help, they can call the American Red Cross at 800-853-2570 and press option 1.

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