BOISE -- More than two dozen World War II veterans are being flown to Washington, D.C., to visit the memorial that was built in their honor. This is Idaho's first official honor flight, and organizers have been working to organize the event for more than a year.

The oldest vet on the trip is 96, while the youngest is 83. Most have never seen the nation's WWII Memorial in person. That's why Honor Flight of Idaho is offering the experience at no cost to the 25 men and women.

The eager group of veterans was greeted early Wednesday morning by the Patriot Guard riders. Boise Police officers even sang the national anthem for them before they left the airport.

The group's busy Thursday schedule includes a visit to the World War II Memorial, along with other memorials dedicated to military service. The vets are also scheduled to make a stop by Arlington Cemetery to lay a wreath on the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Shirley Law is one of the veterans going to D.C. She's also the only woman in this group. Law says her service to her country hasn't gone unrecognized.

I went into the military in 1944, and I have never had so much -- what do I want to say -- fame really and attention, Law said. It is great.

Law and the others will return to Boise on Friday.

Southwest Airlines donated all the plane tickets for the veterans. The director of Honor Flight of Idaho said it would be impossible to make this journey without their help.

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