PINE, Idaho -- The Idaho National Guard arrived in Pine shortly after 7 p.m. Monday to assist in emergency efforts related to the massive Trinity Ridge Fire.

More than 100 citizen soldiers will help firefighters with security and provide a medical helicopter for possible evacuations.

The troop deployment comes as the Trinity Ridge Fire moves closer to Pine and Featherville, burning nearly 91,000 acres in the past week.

The Deer Creek boat launch will be home to the detachment of Idaho's National Guard for at the least the next 15 days.

It sounds like they have got their hands full but we are here for as long as they need us, said Idaho National Guard Captain Chris Harvey.

Harvey is leading this group.

Our primary role is for traffic control and entry points into the national forest, since they've closed the entire forest off, said Cpt. Harvey.

The National Guard also brought a Lakota helicopter just in case any firefighter gets injured and needs medical attention immediately.

It just made me feel really good, and I think it made a lot of us within the fire community much better about having an asset that we can start building a relationship with, said Bill Arsenault, Military Helicopter Coordinator.

Some people in the town are also excited to see this new camp go up.

It gives them a sense of security to know that national guard is here to help them out, said Cpt. Harvey. It is nice to be able to help our neighbors.

The National Guard will shadow the Elmore County Sheriff's Office on Tuesday and learn what they have been doing. On Wednesday, they will take over security at some of the roadblocks in the area.

The Idaho National Guard activated a total of 113 guardsmen, including sending 101 personnel to the area, nine headquarters staff members working command, and a helicopter crew of three.

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