BOISE -- After almost 50 years on the road, the Boise Library announced next month will be the bookmobile's last.

The library had to eliminate the program because of budget cuts.

By parking the bookmobile the library can save $82,000 a year.

Boise Library Director Kevin Booe says the number of people using the bookmobile has dropped drastically since the three branch libraries were built. That was the main reason for cutting the program.

Any decision where you have to reduce is tough, there is no easy decision when you have to reduce a budget, said Booe. The trustees and the council felt it was more important to maintain service hours at our branch locations and maintain our library materials collection, which is really the heart of the library system.

The bookmobile will be parked on Sept. 30. But the library says there is a chance it could be used again in the future.

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