BOISE, Idaho -- Idaho Attorney General Lawrence Wasden boosted recoveries from drug companies to more than $23 million after winning another settlement, this time with French drugmaker Sanofi.

Wasden said Friday that the Sanofi-Aventis U.S. LLC unit of the pharmaceuticals giant will pay $828,500 in a legal agreement resolving Idaho's claims relating to the average wholesale prices.

Wasden says the manufacturer's false or inflated reporting led to taxpayers paying too much money for drugs through reimbursements made through Medicaid.

Under the agreement, nearly $200,000 will be deposited into Idaho's general fund.

The largest share, $495,352, goes to reimburse the federal government's share of the Medicaid insurance program for low-income Idaho residents.

The attorney general will get $50,000 to reimburse his agency's costs.

Two price-related lawsuits are still pending against four other drug makers.

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