BOISE -- Kristin Armstrong will go back to the job she started after she retired the first time, and that is helping young cyclists realize their goals.

The BYRDS, the Boise Young Rider Development Squad, are all competitive cyclists under the age of 18. Wednesday, they had another motivation to ride hard, Kristin Armstrong's victory in London.

Certainly someone like Kristin resonates because that's close to them. They see her out on the road all the time, they see her in the community, said BYRDSDirector, Douglas Tobin.

I always want my legacy to be just a role model for young kids and I think that Boise as a community and the state of Idaho is the perfect place for me to be that role model. I love every moment there and I have the community behind me, said Kristin.

She is certainly inspiring kids.

She's a great role model for every kid, but, you know, she does a lot of good stuff for the community and stuff and I see her riding around here all the time and I just look up to her because she's so good, said a 13-year-old cyclist.

One day I just hope to be in the Olympics and just race and get my gold medal just like her, he said.

That's Kristin's goal, too... I want to help the next generation get on that Podium.

Fellow female cyclist Mikayla Lyman says she learned a lot when she met Kristin.

It's one of those people you can say, 'oh yeah i ride a bike, you know like Kristin Armstrong, the road bike side.'

Lyman admires Kristin for bringing attention to women's cycling...and showing you can race at a high level and have a live.

I think it's great and i think it's an inspiration for younger women to get into the sport and develop in the sport and make it even bigger, said Lyman.

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